Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing Mint As A Wonderful Edging Plant

If there is only one type of herb I am allowed to grow, without a doubt mint will be my top choice. I just love mint! I bought two pots of lush and healthy mint plant a while back, separated them into several clumps and replanted them in the narrow strip of soil at my porch.

They spread so fast and within a month, this lovely herb has shrouded over almost the entire strip. Mint is just perfect to be grown as edging plant.

If I have a big garden, I would even dedicate a huge patch just for mint and I wouldn't inhibit its growth. Whenever I need an aromatic whiff of it, all I need to do is to give the plant a gentle shake and its lovely minty fragrance will waft through the air. But if its a breezy day, I just need to stand near it to smell it. Aghhhh...lovely!

Mint leaves are great addition to a cup of tea. Chop some and throw in a salad is another delightful and easy to use option.

A lovely pot of mint at just RM5.00 which I bought at a nearby local nursery

I tore the plants into clumps and replanted them in the ground on 11 Sept 2011

Photos below were taken end of last month, October. Show just how fast mint can spread. Mint needs well-drained soil and a light occasional feed of fertilizer.

However as of today, I'm sad to say that so many of my mint leaves have been eaten by bugs - must be grasshoppers and caterpillars. My sister spotted two baby caterpillars today. Guess I'm not the only one who loves mint. Sigh...hope they will grow new shoots soon and be lush again.

Till then, happy gardening. Next up will be an update on my container veggies, in particular celery!!