Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tabebuia Rosea - Almost Like A Cherry Blossom Season

We have been enjoying a really gorgeous sight this week each time we stepped out of our home or drive through the main entrance at our street. The tabebuia rosea trees that line our residential street began to bloom profusely since last weekend. Not one but many of the trees are blooming all at the same time. From a distance, a full blooming tree looks almost similar to a cherry blossom tree, and I think this is about the closest we can get to a real cherry blossom tree in Malaysia! Tabebuia rosea or also known as trumpet rose tree is a tropical tree that can grow to a height of 30 meter or more and is widely planted along city and residential streets all over Malaysia. The flowering season of tabebuia rosea is intense. Some trees will have practically no leaves and all flowers only during this period. So far, I've seen the flowers in white, light pink and pink colours, and I think white is the prettiest. The sight of a profusely flowering tree is truly one deserving of a winning prize. I leave you below some pictures I took yesterday of the flowering tabebuia rosea trees on my street.

A gorgeous welcoming sight at the entrance to our street

Flowers outnumber leaves

Playing around with different ISO settings




Pink flowers


Tabebuia rosea lining the whole street