Friday, July 29, 2011

Chillies & Some Green Edibles

Growing edibles in containers/pots gives a lot of versatility, although there are some limitations. Oh well, nevermind the limitations, I prefer to look at the positive sides of it. Resorting to growing in pots placed around my front porch gives me more control with regard to pest/disease control and fertiliser usage (can use less as the fertiliser is contained in the pot and does not get washed away).

I have had wonderful successes growing tomatoes in containers, and Asian spinach (bayam). Bayam grow so easily. Some of the earlier seeds which remained dormant are now growing in my other plant pots after I did some repotting of soil. Isn't that lovely. After I have harvested my 2nd batch of bayam (below pic), I am still getting some more growing out of nowhere.

Recent harvest. Top left are 2 stalks of crinkled pak choy; top right are bayams; bottom are 2 ladies' fingers (okra) and tomatoes.

I'm now growing three types of chilli plants. 2 out of the 3 types are growing in the same pot, just to make use of the available space. As expected I get smaller plants as they both compete for nutrients in the same pot but they still bear quite a number of chillies so it's fine by me. In the other pot is the 3rd type of chilli, looks somewhat like a miniature pointed capsicum. Here they are:

This above is the 1st type. It's bird's eye chilli that grows upwards. Below is the 2nd type, which grow downwards. Both are growing in the same pot.

This one below is the 3rd type. They're so cute!! I plucked the reds ones but much to my disappointment, a few were hollow inside and 1 had a worm inside. I saw tiny holes on the surface of the chillies and I knew immediately who the culprits were. ANTS!! I can't stand ants. Whether on plants or in the kitchen or wherever. On plants, they are the main cause of aphid disease!!

Below: Bayam growing randomly in my calamansi and rose pots...

Ok, I'm off to go make some burning hot organic concoction specially for the ants. Will share in my next post.

Enjoy gardening!