Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can It Get More Disappointing?

After a couple of months of waiting, these are what I got.

1 weird looking radish. The others didn't work out at all. Two beetroots, 1 is quite sizable while the other is smaller. The rest failed too.

The disappointment did not end here.

The larger beetroot was rotten. Spotted tiny ants outside and inside. They ate my beetroot and damaged my otherwise fine-looking beet!!! Why are there ants in this world? What good have they brought to mankind? They crawl everywhere - in the sugar jar, on the cookies and even inside the soil. Hate them, hate them, hate them!!!!!!!! Right now, they are like my biggest nemesis!

I was left with the other tiny beetroot, which I juiced with an apple and an orange. Manage to yield 1 cup of juice which I shared with my dearest hubby - 3 gulps each. The taste of the beetroot was slightly bitter and it certainly over-powered the taste of the apple and orange. Weirdly, I would describe the taste of beetroot as the taste you would imagine when you smell some rain-soaked soil. I wouldn't be sure why would you smell the soil but basically, it has very earthy taste, thus not many people like beetroot BUT it is loaded with good nutrients and vitamins.

Also, I just read somewhere that beetroot doesn't like manure. Probably now I know why I got such disappointing results.

So if you plan to grow beetroots, just use the usual fertilizer or compost and avoid using manure.

If the above disappointments were not enough, my winged bean seedling has also died. And my two long bean seeds failed to sprout. Need to start them again. Gardening really teaches you patience!


  1. Is that chiogga beetroot? I found different variety of beetroot has different level of sweetness. Why I thought it was chiogga is because the white and red rings of the beetroot cross-section flesh. Chiogga has milder taste. I found that baby size beets are sweets but the bigger it gets the more earthy the beetroot will taste. Ants are allergic to turmeric plants. You might want to make a border against them.

  2. so kesian! ya-lah, sometimes I feel like giving up on gardening altogether. You should have seen my keladi!! So pitiful!

  3. Hi mk girl, the name on the seed packet says detroit beetroot. I dont kn anythg abt the variety as my plant knowledge is limited. All i kn is sow the seeds n see what happens haha

  4. hhahaha. hilarious post. The first tiem I grew beetroot , I saw the big was over excited and pulld them out. Out came a dwarf mousey beetroot. Gardening does teach you patience.