Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cukes Spotted!!

My first cuke! Yabbadabadoooo!

Its size is progressing well, although I remember the seed packet said 'Japanese Cucumber' but this doesn't look like it. Oh well, I still look forward to my cukes.

More baby cukes spotted. Think there are around 7-8 baby cukes now. Am hoping they all get pollinated. Also spotted lots of insects and a few bees and lady bugs loitering around so I think pollination chances are good (fingers crossed!).


  1. Your cucumbers are producing well. Wah best ni ratah dengan nasi lemak.

  2. I love your amaranth picture! So perfect! The biggest I've seen!
    Your cucumber so cute-lah! I must try to grow some too! Then we can harvest together and make acar timun mentah!

  3. Yeah, me too. Very impress with your amaranth-ed profile picture ^-^

    Your garden is very productive now.