Friday, November 30, 2012

Rainy Season - Best Time For Kangkung!

Most of my veggie seeds rotted away in vain due to the rain. The rainy season has persisted for over a month now and this has been dampening seed germination.

So, I decided to grow kangkung instead. Bought a bunch of kangkung with roots. I cooked the leafy and young stem part in a delicious stir-fry and planted the roots.

It's all very easy. Leave about 2 inches of stem from above the roots, trim the roots if they're too long.

Then, plant each stem 2 inches apart. Kangkung needs lots and lots and lots of water and the rainy season did all the work.

I stuck these into the soil on 27 September.

This was on 17 November

And this was taken today, 30 November. Ready for a stir-fry in the wok very very soon! :)

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