Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roselle Bush

This one particular roselle plant of mine has grown too heavy and the stake couldn't support it anymore. I had to fill a bucket of heavy clay soil to hold it up.


It has also grown very large, tall and bushy, leaning towards my passion fruit trellis and blocking the narrow walkway.

This view below is from the other side of the blocked walkway. The lush green leaves in the black old water tank are sweet potato plants. Hopefully lots of tubers are growing inside.


With so much rain pounding the earth lately, the soil got too damp and soft and the whole plant toppled over. Harvested lots of rosellas and will post them up next day.

Have a great gardening week! Cheers!


  1. I wish that I have the space to grow roselle! Yours are looking good!

  2. Hi Petite. I stumbled upon your blog in desperation. New to gardening and planted a roselle plant 3 mths ago. Now it is growing big n wild like yours and it is producing small flowers now. How do I control the wild growth? Do I prune it or let it be? It toppled over and I put a sack of soil to hold it. Do I replant it so that the roots can be deeper? Thanks, Tracey

    1. Hi Tracey, if you want lots of roselle then it's better not to prune the branches off. I think as long as you place something to hold the plant erect then it shld be fine. Onceyou pluck off most of the roselles then you can prune off some branches. There is another variety of roselle plant with larger and darker red flowers and which is much less bushy.