Monday, February 07, 2011

I Can't Bear To Pluck It, But I Did!

I ate my first home-grown organic tomato last week! It wasn't big but it was so cute and pretty, so sweet, tasty and delicious! I treasured it so much that I couldn't bear to pluck it off the plant, let alone eat it. After admiring it for the longest time, I finally ate it! I cut it into two and shared with my hubby, and we ate it with fried rice. Yummy! Now I know what it meant when blogging home gardeners said they would never buy supermarket tomatoes anymore after successfully growing their own.

Technically, this is my second tomato plant. The first one died on me after I raked the surface of the soil around the plant to aerate it. That plant was already flowering and I thought by raking the surface of the soil before scattering some fertiliser would help. Sadly, a few days later the plant died. I guess some of the roots got broken. So, never rake the soil around your tomato plant.

I don't have the variety name of my tomato but all I know is it's the local variety commonly sold in Malaysia. It was grown from seed given to me by my sister, My Little Potted Garden. The fruits do not grow in clumps like cherry tomatoes do but rather, a single fruit on each stem. The first one which grew was the largest and the other nine that I have from this same plant were much smaller - just slightly larger than cherry tomatoes!

Tomato plants need very well-fertilised soil. I use pelleted organic chicken fertiliser every other week. I also scattered broken egg shells around the plant once in a while.

I also have three cherry tomato plants (grape variety) with bunches of tomatoes growing and ripening on the vine. I can't wait to harvest them and taste how good they are.

My first tomato

Two more grew while the first one begun its ripening process

More orangy in colour now

It has ripened! So so pretty and luscious looking!

By the time my first tomato was ready to be plucked, more tomatoes were already growing.

All my tomato plants are grown in containers.


  1. Yummy yum! Geram-nya! As rosy as TWY's cheeks after back from school! He! He! The roots of the tomatoes are mostly grown on the surface of the ground, and yes, raking the ground is a bad idea, so now you know! Hey, any idea how to booster the growth of tomatoes plants? Cannot wait for mine-lah! ^..^

  2. yahhh!! round & red like TWY's cheeks!!!

  3. Hope you continue to have a bountiful harvest. I'm growing tomatoes too and they are the cherry ones and still growing strong.I find tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to nurture. Now am waiting for cucumber, long beans and choy sum to reward me:))

  4. hi KTSG, i have cherry tomatoes too. they grow in bunches like grapes! my cucumber plant got infested with disease & it died :(. all the best to yours and hope you too will have bountiful harvest soon!

  5. My tomatoes didn't give me much fruits this time, i pulled them all up :( Looking for cherry tomato seeds, they are easier to plant, and give more fruits.
    P/S: I see all your plants are doing well, don't give up your garden yet! All you need is just a potong rumput guy ;)