Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lotus flowers are one of the most beautiful ever created by mother nature. Each bloom conjures up images of beauty, grace and calm. An important symbol in Buddhism, it signifies purity free from all defilement of greed, hatred and delusion, the bad roots of human sufferings.

Lotus plants are grown commercially in large ponds for its flowers and edible roots. The lotus roots are long tubers favored by the Chinese people who would use them in soups or stir fries.

The lotus plant make a beautiful addition to the home garden. It adds a certain charm and serenity for sure. A lotus bloom not only pleases the eyes but enchants the heart and contents the senses with its soft, subtle fragrance.

I bought this white lotus plant at a nursery on the last day of 2010. It already has a full flower bud ready to bloom. The bud 'said hello' to me 5 days later (pictures below).

Lotus plants thrive in clay, muddy soil and must be contained in water. The plant requires full sun and will not thrive in shaded spots. Tablet fertiliser specially for lotus can be used once every 3-4 weeks.

The petals are soft and gentle, with feminine curves. The downside is that the lotus bloom does not last very long. After a day or so, the petals would begin to dislodge, leaving the pod to dry off on the stem.

Lotus blooms are very fragrant. I could never get enough of smelling this bloom.

I read that lotus plant is pretty tricky to grow from pod seed. I collected the dried pod from this pretty bloom and perhaps I shall try to sprout it someday soon.

Just like the lotus, have a beautiful day and hope you've enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Wow, your lotus is really gorgeous! I like the pure colour of white. Planning to get another colour? I don't mind following you to Sg. Buloh again, not that I have any plants to buy....???? He! He!

  2. KF, i don't mind at all going to sg buloh this weekend if u also want. my lotus dah keluar bunga 3 kali. so pretty! i want to buy the orange hibiscus la. my hibiscus at my back yard sudah mampus. my yellow hibiscus so cantik. today it bloomed.

  3. Hi my friends, Now I know the relationship. Good to have you visit my blog.

    Your white lotus is beautiful. Bunga 3 kali already? Terrific. My pink one usually blooms one at a time. Need to wait for a month or 2 before the next bloom.

    Btw, I'm quite nuts about hibiscus. They are so beautiful.

  4. The blooming period is short but it is worth to grow them in the garden. My mother has the pink ones but not the white I think. She might like to trade with your white one...hehehe...I never eaten home-grown lotus before but Japanese like to fried them with tempura. Which one is edible white or red?