Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Hibiscus

It is a somber weekend as the world's attention is gripped by the unfortunate quake and tsunami devastations in Japan.

My heart and prayers go out to all those who are directly and indirectly affected.

I would like to dedicated this pretty hibiscus to all the victims - may all those whose lives were claimed be at peace, and may all next of kins and those who survived such harrowing experience be strong in moving on.


  1. That's a very beautiful hibiscus.

    Suffering is made worse because this is a very advance country with fantastic technology. When things go wrong, all these technology become harmful. We should simplify our lives.

  2. Beautiful hibiscus! I love tropical plants. I'm now a follower of your garden blog and your cooking blog looks great too. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading about my mountain life. We will be moving soon, yay! Have a great week. I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. We are learning a lot from the resilient Japanese people, everyday, every moment. Your hibiscus is my dream flower since I first saw it at Floria 2009. It looks like the skirt of a flamenco dancer. I can imagine that it shall look good on the ear/hair of this petite nyonya and her kebaya.

  4. Hi All, thank you for your comments, always a plesure to read :). Priscilla, thanks for following my blogs :). Autumn Belle, you are spot on about this hibiscus looking like the skirt of a flamenco dancer ;-)).

  5. Lovely colour of hibiscus you have there. I don't have any hibiscus but I have okra flower which is relative to hibiscus;-).