Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Growing Cherry Tomatoes

I'm currently hooked on growing cherry tomatoes after my recent success. It all started very simply and without any expectations at all. I had bought a pack of grape cherry tomatoes from the supermarket one day. While most went into the cooking pot, one got split opened and seeds scattered onto the soil in planting pots. A week later, some of the seeds sprouted and I thinned out by keeping 3-4 stronger baby plants. To my joy, the plants grew quite quickly. Within 2 months, they started to produce flowers. A short 2 weeks later, tiny cherry tomatoes had formed. They are so cute and what I like most is that they grow in bunches. I thought they looked just like green grapes before their ripening process. My experience from growing cherry tomatoes is quite different from growing the larger singly tomato (see my other tomato post) which took a longer time to grow, flower and produce fruit.

These are pictures from my 1st harvest of tomatoes that had ripened on the vine. My plants have grown really tall and I keep having to extend the height of the stake to support the plants. Think they've grown to more than 6 feet tall now. From one of these cuties, I repeated the process of scattering the seeds in other pots. They have sprouted and I can't wait to relive my experience in growing these wonderful cherry tomatoes.

I used some of these tomatoes to decorate my onion, bacon and parmesan cheese tart. Please hop over to my food blog for pictures and recipe of the tart.


  1. Love it! So sweet and yummy! Couldn't wait for my plants to fruit!

  2. Very cute. Cherry tomatoes are much more easier to look after than the big ones. You are very good at growing them.

  3. My big tomato plants are not as productive as my cherry tomato plants. Cherry tomatoes are too cute!