Monday, October 30, 2017

Citrus Plants

Three types of citrus plants are currently being grown in pots in my backyard. They are lemon, lime (limau nipis) and calamansi (limau kasturi).

My lemon plant was purchased maybe about a year or so ago and it has produced flowers numerous times but none of them had turned into a fruit before this. The recent first fruit it produced had a stunted growth and fell off prematurely. Then 3 weeks ago I added a few spoons of organic granule fertiliser and now many of the flowers had finally turned into fruits. They look like they're growing pretty well and am hoping they stay this way (fingers crossed!).

Also, finally my lime plant has started to show two clusters of baby limes (yippee). So cute!

My calamansi plant was given to me by my sister, maybe 2 years or so ago, who at that time was helping her golf resort company to get rid of several pots of the plants which the company had bought for Chinese New Year decoration. So far, this plant has not failed me, as it is continuously producing fruits all year round.

Here they are....




Happy planting!

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  1. The lemons are so cute! I am still waiting for mine to flower. Banyak limo! I also harvested some from my plant today. Happy Gardening!